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Our mission is to have a positive influence on all those dwelling within the airspace we serve.

Decade One - Terrestrial Broadcasting
Lasting Value's broadcast operations began at the turn of the Millenium with Lasting Value Radio's acquisition of radio stations KTXJ-AM and KWYX-FM in July, 2000. Operations Manager, Ronald Beal, oversaw the transition into station ownership and operation while CEO Meredith Beal continued his function as Global Webmaster for Human Resources at Dell. In August, 2000, Lasting Value Broadcasting Group purchased KCLW in Hamilton, TX. Previous owner Chuck Martin stayed on as General Manager. Online broadcasting of all of the stations' signals was implemented immediately as well as the introduction of more local programming, news and community affairs shows.

We created original, innovative programs such as "Shout Out From Iraq," a weekly, live broadcast with soldiers deployed in Iraq connecting with loved ones, "Deep East Texas Today," "What Do You Think?" Elementary School News and introduction of such diverse programs as Values & Visions. Historic broadcasts include the crashing of the Space Shuttle outside of Jasper, TX, and the great human drama that unfolded in its aftermath, the Obama-Clinton Debate, the "Nightline" Town Hall Meeting, an interview with Former Lt. Governor Ben Barnes, the "What Do You Think?" political debate series featuring more candidate interviews than any other radio or television station in Texas and an interview with Herb Jeffries, the first Black cowboy on the silver screen.

We also garnered a fair share of media exposure from gracing the front page of the Houston Chronicle's Sunday Magazine section to a feature story on a Sunday broadcast of ABC's World News Tonight television news show. Numerous newspaper, magazine, television and internet stories about the stations, their unique programming or the unusual profile of founder Meredith Beal appeared over the last 10 years. The most notable visibility came with his selection as Texas Broadcaster of the Year in 2007 by the Texas Association of Broadcasters, the nation's largest state broadcast association. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

Lasting Value pioneered internet broadcasting of high school sports in 2003 when it launched coverage of Gatesville High School football live on the internet. Since most schools play Friday nights at the same time, KCLW could only carry one game on its terrestrial signal. Expansion into internet broadcasting extended service to more of our audiences. In 2004, Lasting Value launched its sports network, Lone Star Sports and by 2005 was carrying six teams broadcasting their complete seasons both home and away games with one team making it to the state finals at the Alamodome.

Decade Two - Empowerment Broadcasting
Extending the potential of personal broadcasting that technology unleashes to empower the voiceless and enable the sharing of more of the human experience through lifecasting or micropersonal broadcasting. We have demonstrated the value and impact that broadcasting local events that matter to people can have. Whether its the grandfather living two states away who gets to hear his grandson score a touchdown, the dad traveling for work who can get online from his hotel and watch his kid's game or a relative who is unable to travel but wants to see the funeral services of a loved one. We've done all of these and more and have seen the effect on the lives of everyday people. The tools of technology are here right now to empower you to say what you want to say or show the world what you want to show with the possibility of gaining more attention globally than ever before. Watching "television" online is here. Personal broadcasting is here. What do you want to say?

Lasting Value StreamWorks provides streaming media services enabling you to communicate worldwide.

  • Internet Radio Channel Development
  • Internet Television Channel Development
  • Artist Channel Development
  • Live & On-Demand Event Broadcasting on the Internet

For information regarding streaming media services, website development, internet remote management or broadcast consulting services, please contact

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  KCLW 900-AM Classic Country serving Central Texas
KCLW was named America's #1 Western Music Station by the Academy of Western Artists and also was named "Texas' Best Retro-Country Format" by Texas Monthly magazine. The Houston Chronicle's Texas Magazine says "Big-city radio can't match the down-home style of KCLW." The Austin American-Statesman says "Good country air." Listen online or visit our website at
  General Manager Tim Rickert
  City of License Hamilton, Texas
  Frequency 900 kHz AM
  Format Classic Country
  Licensee Lasting Value Broadcasting Group, Inc.

KCOX (formerly KTXJ-AM) 1350-AM News-Talk/CNN serving East Texas
Paul Harvey Morning News M-F 7:30am  News & Comment M-F 12n, Sat 12n
    Rest of the Story M-F 5pm, Sat 7:30am
CNN Headline news Monday-Sunday, around the clock
Sunday Religious Programs 8:45am-12n
  General Manager Mike Lakey
  City of License Jasper, Texas
  Frequency 1350 kHz AM
  Format News-Talk/CNN
  Licensee Lasting Value Radio, Inc.

KTXJ-FM (formerly KWYX) 102.7-FM Country Gold serving East Texas
Ranch 102.7 plays your favorite country hits. Local sports and fishing shows, Deep East Texas Today™ community affairs show Fridays at 2pm.
  General Manager Mike Lakey
  City of License Jasper, Texas
  Frequency 102.7 MHz FM
  Format Country Gold
  Licensee Lasting Value Radio, Inc.