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Texas Broadcaster of the Year

Meredith Beal, Chairman and CEO of Lasting Value Broadcasting Group, was named Texas Broadcaster of the Year by the Texas Association of Broadcasters, the nation's largest state broadcasting association.

Meredith has a broad range of expertise and experience spanning a number of fields. Lasting Value's mission is to have a positive effect on all those dwelling within the airspace Lasting Value serves.

Before entering the broadcast arena, Meredith was Global Webmaster for Dell, the world's largest computer systems company, where he managed Dell's human resources information online. Meredith's website received Dell's Intranet Award for Excellence, for Best of Class Design and Usability and his team was known for pioneering in personalization and self-service web applications. His previous position at Dell was Marketing & Communications Advisor Worldwide for Dell University. While still at Dell, Meredith purchased KTXJ-FM and KCOX in Jasper, TX and KCLW in Hamilton, TX.

He left Dell in 2001 to focus on broadcasting and education, donating web design and video production classes to Huston-Tillotson College and partnering with Teach 1 Entertainment to develop cartoon characters and positive content for children. He has done numerous speaking engagements around the world promoting global citizenship and dialogue as the best means to create a peaceful society. As a broadcaster he advocates localism and community focus while maintaining a global perspective.

Meredith has an extensive technical background as well as a creative one. He has held positions ranging from chemist, network implementation specialist and software engineer to Editor-and-Chief of major magazines and trade journals, music producer, reporter for media giants like the Los Angeles Times and record company executive.

Before Dell, Meredith was Director of Marketing for Motown Records. In that capacity, he was responsible for cost marketing analysis, international marketing plans and advising the company's restructuring, while concurrently functioning as the MIS Director--designing and installing the company's first computer network which connected offices in three states.

Meredith's combination of experience in the broadcasting and music industries, technology, journalism, web design and education make him an excellent resource for learning about emerging technologies and their impact on media and society. He founded Lasting Value in 2000 to meld entertainment and technology to enhance education and culture.

2009 Rias Berlin Fellow
2009 NAB/Education Foundation BLT Fellow
Board of Directors -- Texas Association of Broadcasters
Board of Advisors -- Media Diversity Council
Microsoft Development Network
International Webmasters Association
National Organization of Webmasters