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15 October 2001

Lasting Value Creates Experiential Learning Course For Huston-Tillotson College

Huston-Tillotson MED 483B Class

Austin, TX; October 15, 2001 - Lasting Value™ is pleased to announce their continued and strengthening partnership with Huston-Tillotson College. Through Lasting Value Learning, a division of Lasting Value, and Teach One Entertainment (LVC/T1) an exciting new course is underway with the Fall 2001 semester - an experiential learning class based upon the melding of education and entertainment and designed to create new bridges over the digital divide.

The Course
Video Production, MED 483B, offered under the auspices of the Division of Liberal Studies and its Department of Communication, introduces students to the theoretical and practical aspects of creating a variety of television and film productions. Students will create their own production company and assimilate knowledge and experience in all areas of pre-production, production and post-production, working first as a group in the creation of a single music video. Finally, the students will create their own video product in response to an actual client companyís needs.

Guest lecturers, individuals whose careers have been successfully built within the entertainment industry, will be brought in to address their personal fields of expertise. Some of those guests scheduled during the semester are: Thurston Bilal, Composer, Lyricist and Producer; Jim Cullers, Principal, MultiMedia Associates; MC Hammer, Recording Artist; Hiram Hicks, Capitol Records; Herman Matthews, Ph.D., Documentary Producer; Zenobia Millet, CEO, Digital Arts & Engineering, Los Angeles; Chris Spears, CEO, New Media Systems, Los Angeles; and the Technology Team from Lasting Value.
The Instructors
Host instructors for Video Production are principals of LVC/T1 - Meredith Beal, most recently Global Webmaster for Dell Computer Corporation and former Director of Marketing for Motown Records, and Jonathan Clark, former Vice President of Motown Records. Both Beal and Clark have extensive entertainment and technological career experience and share the belief that it is incumbent upon individuals and companies alike to share their experience, resources and vision with children of all ages by partnering with the educational community. Such active citizenship can elevate the human condition, inspire others to fulfill their dreams and expand the joyful experience of life.

About Lasting Value
Lasting Value Communications is a multi-faceted media company focused on education, entertainment and technology. In addition to its altruistic involvement with Huston-Tillotson College, LVC sponsors the largest annual international African music festival in the world, owns several radio stations and is developing positive educational content for internet broadcast.

About Teach One Entertainment
Teach One Entertainment is a partnership dedicated to the creation of products focused on life and education affirming messages primarily targeting young children and the caregivers working within early childhood education. Those products include music and video productions developed for radio, television and web broadcast. Teach One Entertainment is the creator of Thursty the Elephant, a six-foot tall, lovable, soft elephant developed to communicate positive messages to young children and to engage the child in all aspects of their development, i.e. social, cognitive, physical and emotional development. Thursty reinforces educational concepts to children in a friendly, safe, accepting and loving manner.

About Huston-Tillotson College
Huston-Tillotson College is the oldest institution of higher education in the State of Texas, with roots of the school dating back to 1875. HTC is an independent, church-related, historically black institution. It is affiliated with The United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ and the United Negro College Fund. The College awards undergraduate degrees in three divisions: Liberal Studies, Professional Studies and Science and Technology. Within the divisions, the College offers 15 major areas of study. Huston-Tillotson College enrolls approximately 600 students each year.

For more information contact Danna Mata at 512.636.5073