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Welcome to Lasting Value's Press Room. Here you will find the latest news about company activities and upcoming events, executive biographies and our archive of press releases.

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Top Stories
Beal Named Texas Broadcaster of the Year
Austin, TX -- The Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB), the nation's largest state broadcasting association, has named Meredith Beal Texas Broadcaster of the Year. Full Story...

Texas Broadcasters Meet With TX Congressional Delegation in DC
Washington, DC -- Lasting Value Chairman Meredith Beal, appointed to the Board of Directors of the Texas Associaton of Broadcasters last year, joined other TAB board members on a trip to Washington, D.C. where they met with Senate and House members from Texas Full Story...

Austin American-Statesman Features Beal & KCLW
Austin, TX -- Meredith Beal and radio station KCLW graced the front page of the Life & Arts section of the Sunday Austin American-Statesman newspaper. The spread covered the front and back pages of the pullout section, took a good look at the station's format, listeners and staff and provided an interesting profile of Beal's media career. Full Story...

Lifelong Educator Honored by School Naming
Ft. Worth, TX -- Congratulations to Mrs. Harlean Beal, recently immortalized in Texas State education history by having the school where she was principal for so many years renamed to Harlean Berry Beal Elementary School. The citizens of the community mounted a grass-roots campaign and collected enough signatures to petition the school board to make the change--a rare honor for someone still alive. Hats off to Mrs. Beal! Full Story...

KCLW Featured Cover Story in Houston Chronicle's Texas Magazine
Houston, TX -- Small-town flavor reaches the big city as Houston, the state's largest metropolis has listeners longing for the hometown flavor of Lasting Value's KCLW 900AM. The station, which is located in Hamilton, TX, about 200 miles northwest of Houston, actually is outside of Houston's listening range. Nevertheless, KCLW was front-page news in the Sunday magazine section of the city's biggest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle. Full Story...

Oko Drammeh Speaks at Festival in China
Nanning, China -- Producer and African Music Festival Founder Oko Drammeh visited Nanning, China recently to speak at the International Arts & Folk Festival and to pave the way for the introduction of the African Music Festival to China and the rest of Asia. Drammeh stressed the importance of culture and the professional presentation of cultural expositions to audiences around the world as a means of bringing people closer together as well as honoring and preserving the music of indigeneous people around the world. Full Story...

Huston-Tillotson College Inaugural Events Include Celebrities Induction in Path of Excellence
Austin, TX -- Lasting Value™ and Teach One Entertainment, in conjunction with Huston-Tillotson College, have invited three of the most prominent African-American people from the world of entertainment to the upcoming Presidential Inauguration festivities, slated for October 25th through the 28th. Full Story...
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Lasting Value Creates Experiential Learning Course For Huston-Tillotson College
Austin, TX -- Lasting Value™ is pleased to announce their continued and strengthening partnership with Huston-Tillotson College. Through Lasting Value Learning, a division of Lasting Value, and Teach One Entertainment (LVC/T1) an exciting new course is underway with the Fall 2001 semester - an experiential learning class based upon the melding of education and entertainment and designed to create new bridges over the digital divide. Full Story...
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Huston-Tillotson College Explores Partnership With Lasting Value
Austin, Texas -- Dr. Christine B. Cash Education Foundation board member Meredith Clayton Beal met with Dr. Larry Earvin, President of Huston-Tillotson College to explore programs to enhance learning opportunities at HT and discuss how Beal's experience and expertise as a world-class technology professional can be shared with the students and faculty at the school. Full Story...
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Beal Donates Web Class to Huston-Tillotson College
Austin, Texas -- Dr. Christine B. Cash Education Foundation board member and Lasting Value CEO Meredith Clayton Beal brings the talents and experience of the hi-tech world to students of Huston-Tillotson College, the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of Texas. Beal, who is a Global Webmaster for Dell, the world's largest computer systems company, volunteered to provide the school with a workshop on the fundamentals of web design as a basis for future certification. Full Story...
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Beal Co-Hosts Radio Program in Africa
Banjul, Gambia -- Lasting Value CEO Meredith Clayton Beal was invited to guest host a Jazz show at Radio 1-FM studios outside of Banjul, Gambia's capitol. Program Director George Christensen extended the invitation to share some music and dialogue about technology and the impact of the digital age on Africa. Full Story...
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Beal & Drammeh Visit Gambia During Independence Week
Banjul, Gambia -- Lasting Value CEO Meredith Clayton Beal and Producer Oko Drammeh were in Gambia, West Africa to release Kora Dance, the new album by the Soto Koto Band featuring Gambian kora master Jaliba Kuyateh. The visit came during the country's independence celebration. In addition to the cassette/CD release, three music videos from the album were aired on Gambian television and became a prominent addition to the week's festivities. Full Story...
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Thursty Arrives in Austin
Austin, Texas — Look out Austin, Thursty's in town! Thursty the Elephant™ is back in town after a successful debut at the Linkstowne Education Committee's Houses of Learning Conference in Melbourne, Fl. The singing elephant was a big hit as the Christine B. Cash Foundation and Teach 1 Entertainment rolled out the product-oriented curriculum paradigm. Full Story...
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Lasting Value Aquires KCLW
Hamilton, TX -- Charles Martin, President of Martin Media reached an agreement with Lasting Value Chairman and CEO Meredith Clayton Beal to sell radio station KCLW-AM to Lasting Value Broadcasting Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Lasting Value Communications Corporation. Full Story...
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